Email Marketing Lists

Opt-In Email Marketing

ReturnMarketing brings in between 500 thousand and 1.2 million records per day of opt-in email data. With our data base of over 250 million opt-in email records we can generate revenues to most any type of campaign. We can email your offer for you on a CPM basis, or supply you with email marketing lists and an email platform if needed for your to do your own email. 

Phone Data

Between 15 -25% of the data we bring in has phone numbers included.  We have 15 years of experience working with phone marketing companies to bring them the most effective data for the marketing needs.

Postal Data

Approximately 45% of our data has a full postal record included with each record.  Most of the data comes with First and last name.  Since we get in 100s of different URLs in multiple categories ranging from Health and Beauty purchasers to New Job seekers.  We can target almost any product our clients need to promote.