eMail Marketing Services

Opt in eMail Marking is our main expertise at ReturnMarketing.  Our founder started in email marketing in 1998 generating $400,000.00 per month in revenue from an opt-in database of 350,000 sweepstakes records.  Today we bring in between 500 thousand and 1.2 million records per day, and have build our opt in database to over 250 million records. 

We bring data in from 100s of Unique URLs daily in categories including but not limited too: Coupons, Payday loans, Life, Health, Auto and Long Term Care Insurance, Solar, Auto Purchase and Loans, Investment, Travel, Job, EDU, Sweepstakes, Grants, Record-Look Up, and many more. 

Have us mail for you on a CPM basis, or we can provide you with data to Mail yourself.  We can even supply you with an email platform.

We are able to target most any product our clients need to sell or promote.